Peru: Telemundo takes Laura Bozzo off the air in the U.S.

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Laura Bozzo, a Peruvian talk show host that has caused controversy and had several run-ins with the law, had her show Laura en Accion taken off the air in the United States.

The show was canceled by the American television network Telemundo last Tuesday, El Comercio daily reported.

According to the daily, the world’s second-largest Spanish-language content producer took the show off the air because of its low ratings.

Laura en Accion, which was canceled by the Peruvian network América Televisión in March 2008, was the cause of controversy for allegedly involving minors in the program illegally.

The show’s authenticity was questioned and it was believed that fake cases of family sex violence were presented.

Because of regular fights on the show and the nature of its content, it has been compared to a Peruvian version of the Jerry Springer Show, an American English-language talk show.

Upon the announcement that Laura’s program would be canceled, journalists and media in Peru demonstrated to be happy with the decision and thanked Telemundo.