Peru attracts Israeli investors & begins to export artichokes to Europe

Peru attracts Israeli investors

Investors from Israel are seeing Peru with new eyes and recognizing stable conditions for an expansive economic process, said Israel’s ambassador to Peru, Walid Mansour. He indicated these potential investors consider that any sector is susceptible for receiving investments due to the current development in Peru, besides its stability and availability of natural resources. “The Peruvian economy is in a sustained growth process and there is country security which is a very important aspect for investors at the moment of taking decissions”, he added. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)

Cusco, Peru exports fresh artichoke to Europe

The southern Andean region of Cusco exported, on Thursday, the first 120 tons of thorn-free artichoke to Spain, representing the first artichoke consignment exported to Europe, announced a representative of Sierra Exportadora, a government program aimed to help people from Peru’s highlands. Artichokes were exported by a group of Andean farmers from the town of Ancahuasi (Anta, Cusco) with the support of the government program Sierra Exportadora. (ANDINA – click here to read complete article)