National Geographic airs MTV show filmed in Peru with Cameron Diaz

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

“Puma” Singona, Cameron Diaz, Sol Guy (left to right)
© Terra

4REAL, an eight-part Canadian MTV original documentary series created by Sol Guy and Josh Thome, was partly filmed in Cusco atop Peru’s most famous tourist destination, Machu Picchu.

The first episode of 4REAL, starring the American actress and former fashion model Cameron Diaz, will be aired on the National Geographic Channel on Wednesday May 14.

The program is set to air on various National Geographic channels in 166 countries and in 53 languages, once again placing Peru in the eyes of the world.

Sol Guy, a Vancouver hip-hop producer, artist manager, owner-manager of his own label and international director for Arista Records in New York explained the whole point of the program was to encourage people to become more engaged in the world around them.

Canada. com quoted Guy as stating, "We can talk for hours about the reasons why, but my thinking was, how can I get the most people to learn about my friend Puma Singona in Peru, who’s an amazing young medicine man with thousands of years of knowledge, and put him in a context relevant to young people today? Josh (Thome) and I realized that by bringing these celebrities, it would bring eyeballs."

"We did a lot of things to not make it about Cameron Diaz. You might tune in for Cameron, but my hope is that you’ll love Puma in the end."