Peru: Lima nightclub destroyed by fire

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

A popular Lima nightclub located on the 15th block of Arequipa Avenue caught fire Thursday afternoon.

Firefighters were able to control the flames and put out the blaze in less than two hours.

According to news reports on Canal N, the fire did not cause any casualties or injuries.

Firefighters stated that the fire broke out as a four-man welding crew was working on the building’s roof.

It was reported that the nightclub’s ceiling was made of highly flammable material.

"At this time, the area where the accident took place is out of danger and there isn’t any risk (of entering) the establishment or other places around the nightclub," firefighters said.

It took almost 50 firefighters from four different stations to control the blaze. The country’s national police was also present.

The people that were evacuated from their homes and business establishments by Serenazgo (auxiliary police) have been allowed to return to their residences and work places.

Traffic, which had been blocked from the 14th to the 17th block of Arequipa Avenue has also returned to normal.

According to neighbors, the fire may have been set intentionally. The nightclub was abandoned two months ago and moved to Barranco.

Wilfredo Quispe, one of the welders working on the roof at the time of the fire stated that there was a "sudden spark" that started the fire.

Fire commander Mario Casaretto explained that when firefighters arrived to the scene the fire had been burning for some time.