Peru: Highway accident leaves truck hanging off of bridge in Lima

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Accomplishing an incredible task, police officers, firefighters and municipal authorities removed a truck that was hanging off the edge of a bridge over Javier Prado Avenue.

With two cranes, rescue workers managed to remove the truck rig, which had four wheels hanging in midair, and its trailer from the edge of Bolognesi Bridge.

After the accident at 5:30 a.m., authorities were forced to close the lane of Javier Prado Avenue that was under the hanging truck and the lane of the bridge where the truck had crashed.

The task took several hours because two cranes had to be used to lift the truck simultaneously as a worker hanging from a harness coordinated the operation.

The rig was lifted and pulled in one direction as the trailer was suspended in the air.

José Luis Anchi, the man driving the truck, explained the accident had been caused by a driver that had swerved in front of him.

He stated that he lost control of the vehicle because of the rain and slippery road.

Juan José Del Valle Málaga, chief of the highway rescue team, stated that this was the first time an accident of this kind had taken place on Bolognesi Bridge.

He affirmed that for the truck to have been left hanging off the bridge, Anchi had to have been driving at 100kph (60mph).

The truck driver stated he had been driving no faster than 40kph (25mph).