Strangers painted five stones of Inka wall in Cusco


A new attack against the cultural patrimony happened in the Imperial City of
Cusco. Strangers painted five stones of the Acllahuasi’s walls, the Acllahuasi is the Temple of the Virgins of the Sun located at the Loreto Street, a few meters away from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square). The delinquents wrote the word “ruinas” (ruins) with green paint on seeral stones of the historical wall.

The National Institute of Culture (INC) suspects that the author could be an
adolescent attending high school, that during this time of the year usually visit the Imperial City.

This is not the first time that and Inka wall is damaged by tourists, as on
December of 2004 two Chileans were captured when painted a graffitti in an
Inca wall located in the Nazarenas Square. Both Chileans were released after they paying a compensation of 100,000 soles.