Peruvian President praises police efforts during EU-LAC Summit


(LIP-do) — Peruvian president Alan García Perez said today that the excellent work done by Peruvian National Police during the V EU-LAC Summit is a huge pride for our country and highlighted police efforts in providing safety for foreign leaders and delegates who attend the event.

"Peruvian police has done a great job, they have ensured the safety of more than 40 heads of state and 20 senior officials from diverse countries," said García after  paying a posthumous homage to motorcycle police officer, Lady Rosario Anaya Gómez, who died yesterday while escorting a Bolivian delegation’s motorcade.

The Peruvian leader underscored that Peruvians should feel proud for the outstanding work National Police has done. He mentioned that in countries like Italy and the United States there were some problems that disrupted a similar summit.

Anaya Gómez, 22, died Saturday morning when her motorcycle crashed while she was riding with a Bolivian delegation’s motorcade at the intersection of Javier Prado Avenue and Jorge Basadre Avenue in the Limean district of San Isidro.

News Source: Andina