Human sacrifice remains found at Peru archaeological site

Remains of human beings who were sacrificed more than four thousand years ago were unearthed by archaeologists at the archaeological site of Bandurria which is located in the northern province of Huaura, Lima. Bandurria is believed to be the oldest civilization in the Americas.

Alejandro Chu Barrera, director of the Archaeological Project of Bandurria, detailed that the remains found were a pair of legs, hips and a decapitated body whose skull hasn’t been found yet.

"These remains belonged to three people; two of them women who were probably killed for ritual purposes", he added.

Archaeologists have previously found remains at Badurria, but this is the first time these human remains show evidence that they were sacrificed.

Bandurria is located 140 kilometers from Lima and received this peculiar name because of a bird which inhabits this area. It was discovered by late 1973 but first excavations took place in 1977.

News source: ANDINA