“I did not know I had the Japanese nationality” said Fujimori


The former president Alberto Fujimori said to the Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun, that he found out to have the Japanese nationality just two weeks after he escaped from Peru in the middle of a corruption scandal. "Two weeks after I resigned to the Presidency of the Republic I knew that I had the Japanese nationality. I did not know that my father had registered me in the Japanese Consulate whenI was born. I was a lucky person ", said Fujimori.

In the interview Fujimori insists on his intentions to return to
Peru to participate in the 2006 Presidential Elections and affirms that "The
10 years that I was a President in Peru were not enough for the recovery of
Peru (…) I want to recover my honor for the Peruvians as all the
accusations against me have no evidences"

Fujimori presented himself as a reformer of Peru in the Japanese newspaper,
and said “I had to change the administrative system to make it more
efficient. I managed to end the border problem with Ecuador and Chile,
but I have not been able to finish my work ".

He justified his decision to escape from Peru arguing that he had to
guarantee his security considering that -according to
him- the government initiated an international campaign against his
prestige. He also denounced the former intelligence chief, Vladimiro
Montesinos, as the responsible of all his political problems.