Peru: Dense, humid fog to be seen in Lima throughout the week

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

The dense fog that covers Peru’s capital, especially from evening till dawn, will be seen throughout the city until Sunday, said Sixto Flores, a specialist at the national weather service (SENAMHI).

While the Andean country’s highland regions experience temperatures as low as -17°C (1°F), it is expected that the capital will continue having very humid weather.

According to Flores, fog in Lima will have extremely high humidity levels.

He stated that humidity levels would be as high as 95 percent and explained that the moistest weather would be from evening until dawn.

"Temperatures as low as 14°C (57°F) have been forecast for this weekend. Because of the ocean’s cold temperature and cold winds from the south pole it could get even colder on Sunday," Flores said.

He added that temperatures this weekend would not be above 18°C (64°F) and warned people in Lima to be cautious of what appeared to be warm weather.

"People have to be very careful and keep warm because during the day fog with 85 percent humidity appears. Low temperatures and humidity cause colds," affirmed the specialist.