Peru: Two men imprisoned after killing policewoman during EU-LAC summit

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Prosecutors in Peru are pressing charges against the two men who were involved in the death of a police escort as she was riding with the Bolivian motorcade during the 5th EU-LAC summit.

59-year-old Lisandro Díaz Vigo and 38-year-old Edisón Tejada Bravo, the two men being held responsible for the policewoman’s death, are being charged with hit-and-run as well as involuntary manslaughter.

After hitting the 22-year-old police officer, the two men attempted to flee the scene of the accident.

They were immediately chased and captured by police. A judge ordered on Monday that the two men be imprisoned.

Criminal defense attorney Mario Amoretti Pachas has affirmed that it is extreme to incarcerate the two individuals while the case is being heard.

"Some judges incarcerate those they shouldn’t and free those that should be imprisoned," said Amoretti, explaining that the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter was 2 years; therefore, detaining the suspects at this stage was not necessary.

"The policewoman hit a station wagon from behind and the vehicle hit her after she fell on the pavement. That wasn’t the drivers’ fault," assured the attorney.