Peru: Callao gang members take part in shoot outs throughout Lima

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Certain parts of Callao, the region located between Peru’s capital and the Pacific Ocean, are infamous for their gang activity.

While it is not uncommon to find organized crime in these areas, two gangs recently made headlines across Peru.

When a group a gang members belonging to Los Noles de Loreto shot and killed two people in downtown Lima several months ago, gangs in Callao received more attention from Peru’s national police.

Even though 26-year-old Charly Castillo (head of Los Noles), Ronald Juan Salas Guarniz (27) and Giancarlo Moscol (24) have been arrested for the murder of two people, their gang continues to take part in shot outs and other street battles throughout the city.

Charly, along with several members of Los Noles are believed to be responsible for the death of 22-year-old Wilson Mesías, leader of a rival gang known as Malditos de Castilla and his 15-year-old girlfriend Maryorie.

On March 16, at the intersection of Petit Thouars and 28 de Julio avenues, Los Noles opened fire on the car Mesías was driving, killing him and his girlfriend and wounding several others in the car.

It was reported that Maryorie died after being shot four times while Mesias had been shot ten times.

Although the head of Los Noles is in prison and the leader of Malditos de Castilla is dead, the two gangs continue to wreak havoc in Callao.

Women, children and a priest had to throw themselves on the ground when the two gangs began shooting at each other outside of a church in Callao earlier this week.

A service was being held to commemorate the death of 20-year-old Giovanni Vargas, a member of Los Noles.