Fujimori is in Chile


The fugitive former president, Alberto Fujimori, who has an international arrest order waiting for him arrived Sunday at 2:50pm to Chile. He flew in a private plane and made a stop in Mexico before.

The Chilean newspaper “El Mercurio” informed that Fujimori arrived surprisingly in a private plane at the airport Arturo Merino Benítez of Santiago and immediately went to a hotel in an exclusive neighbourhood of the Chilean capital. The hotel alerted the Chilean authorities, who did not know about his arrival. According to the planes log book He arrived accompanied by four people, who’s identities so far are unknown.

"It is my aim to temporarily remain in Chile as part of my efforts to return to Peru and keep my promise to an important part of the Peruvian people who have called on me to be a candidate in the 2006 elections," Fujimori, 67, said in a statement released in Peru and Chile.

The head of the International Police in Chile, Maria Elena Gomez, said authorities were aware of Fujimori’s presence in a hotel in the capital.
"There are several international arrest warrants against Alberto Fujimori, which are not legally valid in Chile," Gomez told reporters. As soon as immigration officials here knew Fujimori was in the airport they alerted Interpol and Peruvian judicial authorities so they could decide how to proceed, she said. Gomez said Fujimori is free to leave Chile at this time.


For Chile to hold Fujimori, Gomez said, Peru would have to ask for the arrest through the foreign ministry, and the request would then go to Chile’s Supreme Court to determine whether to issue a warrant valid here.
Peru has tried and failed to extradite Fujimori from Japan, and planned to take a suit to the International Court in The Hague this year to try to force Japan to send the former president back to Peru for trial.
Source: Reuters



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