Impossible for Madonna to include Peru in her Latin America tour

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

It would be impossible for Madonna to come to Lima on her Latin America tour, which is to begin in December, said Jorge Fernandez, an entrepreneur in the entertainment business at Show S.A. company.

Fernandez assured that it was not likely for the Queen of Pop to make an appearance in Lima due to the fact that she charges approximately $4 million per concert.

He explained that this amount could not be raised in a concert in Lima even if the National Stadium were filled to its full capacity.

"I am aware that a group of businessmen have come together to try and get the money but they themselves know that producing this event in Peru is a utopia. We don’t even have a decent stage or good sound equipment to host a show like the one Madonna will put on in her new world tour," said Fernandez to Terra News.

According to Terra, the experienced producer said that the Andean country would be ready for a concert of this magnitude next year.

"We need more places to host events, more companies that provide sound, lights and scenery. After taxes were reduced things have taken off, that’s why now there is more demand than offer and that is hurting us," explained the producer.

Madonna, who was ranked the "Best Selling Female Rock Artist of the Twentieth Century" by the Recording Industry Association of America, is scheduled to perform in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico near the end of this year.