Peru: Company requests to build 30-storey buildings in Miraflores

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Miraflores, one of the most touristic districts in Peru, is not only attracting those that want to enjoy the Andean country but is also drawing the attention of international investors.

This was evident when a private company requested that the Municipality’s Council change the height limit on the buildings that could be erected on Larco Avenue, one of Miraflores main roads.

The private company asked to be allowed to build taller buildings between block 9 and 12 of the busy avenue.

According to municipal regulations, buildings as tall as 40 meters, or 14 storeys can be built along the avenue. However, the company would like the limit raised to 90 meters, or 30 storeys.

When the request was received, the municipality immediately began checking with its neighbors. A survey was begun in May to see if residents would agree with the company’s request.

"We want residents to know about the request and express their point of view," said architect Antonio Monslave.

Neighbors did just that.

Over 200 residents have already signed a letter affirming they do not agree with the construction of taller buildings. They stated that regulations could not be changed "at an investor’s whim".