Mexican authorities say they had no extradition order for Fujimori


Mexican authorities on Monday confirmed that former Peruvian President
Alberto Fujimori’s airplane made a stopover in Mexico on his way to Chile,
but said they did not arrest him because there was no detention order for
the leader here.
Fujimori was arrested early Monday at his hotel in Chile, hours after he
defied an international arrest warrant and flew to the South American
country from Japan.
The former president, traveling in a private airplane, had a 50-minute
layover at the Tijuana international airport on Saturday night, the National
Migration Institute said. "He did not submit any migration papers or get out
of the airplane," the institute said.
"Unfortunately, we didn’t have the ability to apprehend him because there
was no extradition order," Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez
told reporters Monday.
The Peruvian government issued its request to detain the 67-year-old
Fujimori as soon as they confirmed his presence in Chile. Fujimori is being
held while Peru files a separate request for his extradition.
Fujimori, who fled Peru in 2000 amid a growing scandal affecting his
decade-long regime, faces 21 charges stemming from alleged corruption and
his alleged support of a paramilitary death squad.
He resigned the presidency in a fax sent from Tokyo.
Source: Associated Press