Harvard Business School: Peru, good place to do business in Latin America

Peru is a good place to do business in Latin America, a fact recognized internationally and not only within the region, said Wednesady the executive director of the Research Center of Latin America of Harvard Business School, Gustavo Herrero.

“Peru is beginning to be on the crest of the wave, it has been awarded investment grade that will favor an important flow of financial investments, and is becoming a reliable country where the great projects will be part of the wealth that offers this country and the market it has", he told Andina news agency.

He added that the position of countries producing raw materials is being revalued worldwide, due to a larger population with better consumer conditions, mainly from China and India.

"We are talking about 2 billion people that will be able to raise their living standards and access goods they couldn’t afford before, therefore, the role of countries that are able to generate the necessary raw materials is being assessed", he pointed out.

He noted that this higher demand has increased the prices of raw materials and, therefore a significant rise in the income of those countries.

“This gives Peru some international reserves, the opportunity to receive investments from abroad, and the possibility that the country with its own resources can have a better situation”, he explained.

In this sense, he said, it is important to train Peruvian and Latin American managers to take advantages of the opportunities they have.

News source: ANDINA