Peru’s butterfly exports jump 43% from January-April

Peruvian butterfly exports increased 43 percent from January to April 2008, totaling 38,468 dollars compared to the same period in 2007, when the total was 26,828 dollars, Exports Association (Adex) reported Thursday.

The target markets for Peruvian butterflies are five: United States which led exports with 76 percent of the total (29,345 dollars), followed by Puerto Rico, Brazil, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba which concentrated 17, four, two and one percent, respectively.

Peru exports butterflies in frames (in different sizes and materials), decorative butterflies and butterfly cuts.

Nine companies export butterfly (including individuals), led by North Andes with 12,438 dollars and 32 percent market share, followed by Nelly Chacon Huanca with 11,114 dollars and 29 percent of the total.

With smaller quantities, Artesanías Peruanas Abad with 5,862 dollars (15 percent), Santiago Luna Escobar with 3,490 dollars (nine percent), JK Peruvian Trading and Artesanías Sican, among others.

The general manager of the exporting butterfly company Tropical Wings, Claudia Sologuren, stressed that Peru has about 3,700 varieties of butterfly; the US has 680 and Australia 700.

"Our company works in partnership with an Ashaninka tribe that provides butterflies. The train not to fell trees in which butterflies are developed because we must be aware that our environment must be protected, "she said.

Butterfly exports totaled 112,286 dollars in 2006, and a year later they grew 20 percent reaching 134,740 dollars.

So far, research shows that Peru has more than 20 percent of the butterfly fauna in the world.

News source: ANDINA