NatGeo vice-president said Yale should return Peru’s Machu Picchu artifacts

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Peruvian Health minister Hernán Garrido, who is also president of the High Level Commission in charge of recovering the archaeological relics currently at Yale University, welcomed the statements of National Geographic vice-president, Terry García who said that this university should return all Machu Picchu artifacts to Peru.

The Peruvian minister pointed out that these statements support the Peruvian decision of recovering all relics taken by US archaeologist Hiram Bingham, considering that the National Geographic sponsored and took part of said expedition.

Garrido Lecca stated that Terry García will arrive in Peru on June 27 and will stay for several days due to a work visit to explore some projects to promote the Peruvian culture and history as a tourist destination.

In a recent interview, García said he has personally reviewed the legal documents found in 1912 in Machu Picchu and there was no doubt that relics must return to Peru because this was only a loan and Yale has done wrong by keeping the artifacts almost a century.

News source: ANDINA