Peru: Government prepares bill to make football clubs corporations


Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

In an effort to improve the sport of football in the country, Peru’s government is preparing a bill that proposes to restructure professional football clubs in the Andean country.

If the bill is passed, football clubs in Peru will be obligated to be changed into corporations, as it has been done in other countries around the world.

The country’s Education, Culture and Sports Commission is currently working on a bill that has as its primary focus to change Peru’s football clubs into corporations.

According to the commission, this will help and strengthen the clubs so they can fulfill their duties.

Another of the bill’s points indicates that clubs across the country would have to have a minimum amount of money.

In addition, the bill states that money would have to be invested in the country’s youth and junior teams.

It was also proposed that coaches who do not do a good job be penalized.

The bill was described as an effort to try to save Peruvian football.