Peru: Rats found crawling outside McDonald’s in upscale Lima district

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

After a Lima journalist had finished eating his BigMac and was exiting a McDonald’s in the upscale district of San Borja, he noticed that rats were crawling around the outside of the restaurant.

Alonso Molina, a photographer and journalist for a well-known magazine in Lima was shocked to see the rodents crawling around the outside of the restaurant as he was getting into his car.

The photographer had his camera with him and began shooting away as the rats came and went.

In all, the photographer took 90 pictures of the rodents outside the McDonald’s on Guardia Civil Avenue.

Molina exclaimed that it was urgent for the owners of this restaurant, who have been identified as "Operaciones Arcos Dorados de Perú S.A.", take immediate action and rid themselves of the infestation.

In an exclusive interview with Terra News, Molina told reporters that the rats were circling around a sign that read "Non authorized personnel not admitted".

In response to the news report, McDonald’s has assured that the pictures were taken in a remote part of their parking lot which is adjacent to a waste area.

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