Peru man saved from euthanasia in the US breathing on his own


Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Jesús Sánchez Marcelo, a Peruvian man that was going to be killed in the United States via euthanasia last month, is breathing on his own, reported Peru’s Vice Minister of Health, Melitón Arce Rodríguez.

Arce, who went to visit the patient on Wednesday morning, affirmed that Jesús no longer needed an artificial respirator to have air pumped into his lungs.

The Vice Minister of Health explained that Jesús was still in the hospital’s intensive care unit but could soon be transferred to an intermediate care unit because he was breathing on his own.

Jesús Sánchez Marcelo was brought to Peru after the Peruvian consulate in Texas and the human rights organization, Texas Right to Life, fought to save the man from euthanasia.

Sánchez Marcelo was transferred from John Peter Smith Hospital in Texas to the National Institute of Neurological Sciences (INCN) in Lima.

56-year-old Jesús’ brain was damaged after he suffered a stroke in September 2007.

John Peter Smith Hospital paid approximately $80,000 to have him brought to Lima after specialists determined his condition was irreversible.