Chile’s senate unanimously ratifies free trade deal with Peru

The ratification of the Peru-Chile Economic Complementation Agreement at the Chilean Senate shows that bilateral relations "have been normalized," apart from the maritime dispute between both countries, said the head of the Foreign Affairs Commission, Alejandro Aguinaga.

Aguinaga welcomed the Chilean parliament’s decision to push forward the diplomatic and trade relations, keeping aside the maritime dispute held at the Hague.

"It is gratifying that Chile has understood that the maritime dispute and our bilateral relations are different topics”, he said.

Chilean Senate unanimously ratified the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Peru Wednesday evening, after having postponed such approval for about six months.

Aguinaga mentioned that said agreement will allow Peru to expand their investments in Chile and will strengthen our trade exchange.

Chile has a direct investment in Peru of more than 5.5 billion dollars, which places Peru as the third destination market for Chilean investment abroad.

News source: ANDINA