Peru town to celebrate 1 year anniversary of chondrite meteorite


Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

A small remote town 800 miles from Peru’s capital was placed on the map and in the eyes of the world when a meteorite landed and reports that people were feeling ill surfaced.

On September 15 2007, a chondrite meteorite landed in Carancas, a town in the southern region of Puno.

A chain of events the townspeople will never forget broke out from that moment forward.

Everything from strange sicknesses to Americans stealing pieces of the meteorite and fleeing to neighboring countries was reported.

One year later, foreign and national scientists will celebrate the fall of the meteorite’s first anniversary.

In honor of the meteorite’s crash, scientists are to gather at the site to compare research and look into possible funding for projects in the area.

"The idea is to do something that will attract attention and bring people together to obtain financing. The main lecturer will be Japanese scientist Miura Yasunori, who has a more accurate vision of what happened," said geologist Hernando Núñez del Prado.

Núñez expressed his hope in conserving the crater and its contents as well as the desire to make it a tourist attraction by building a museum in the area.

He affirmed that the museum was in its planning stage and would require a $100,000 investment.

According to Andina news agency, the chondrite meteorite that landed in Carancas was the size of a basketball and approximately 4.5 billion years old.