Peru weather service forecasts less sunshine in Lima

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

People across Lima have had the chance to enjoy some sunshine and warmer weather for the past ten days.

While Limeans usually wake up to drizzle and fog around this time of year, there have recently been more pleasant weather conditions.

According to SENAMHI, the country’s weather service, residents in metropolitan Lima can expect to have temperatures between 17° and 20° C (62.6 – 68°F) until Wednesday, after which temperatures may begin to drop.

It was reported that sunshine would be seen until today – Tuesday and that temperatures would fluctuate between 17° and 20° C.

On the other hand, weather reports affirmed that Wednesday would be cloudier and temperatures would begin to decline.

Jorge Chira, a meteorologist for SENAMHI explained that signals used to forecast Lima’s weather varied frequently, making it difficult to provide forecasts too far into the future.

"Being absolutely sure about what is happening in the coastal region is very difficult in these circumstances because winds vary drastically and that can make a forecast change from one day to another," said Chira.

He did state, however, that there were signs there would be cloudier weather in the middle of the week.