Peru: Embezzlement scandal ignites fire at governor’s office in Puerto Maldonado

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Israel J. Ruiz

Congressman Juan Perry (left)

A group of government representative headed by Environment Minister, Antonio Brack, arrived Friday morning to Madre de Dios, the region where the governor’s office was set on fire during a national strike on Wednesday.

Upon arriving and further investigating the cause of the fire and the reason the region’s people had gone to the extent of burning down a government building, it was reported that the region’s governor is suspected of embezzlement.

David Perry, a congressman for the region and a member of the commission that is to negotiate with unions, reported that protestors were furious when told that Santos Kaway, the governor of Madre de Dios, had been stealing money.

Perry also explained that 5,000 citizens – consisting of miners and indigenous people – had stormed the governor’s office and set it on fire to protest the Law of the jungle, which was recently promulgated by the government.

Twenty-one police officers were injured in the attack.

"We are evaluating if (the accusations made against Kaway) are serious. There are several that are being analyzed and that is what has calmed the people down because an opposition representative handed over some documents that are about corruption," explained Perry.

Protestors have assured they have documents that prove the governor has stolen at least $60,000.