Peru’s Alicorp purchases another million-dollar company

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Alicorp, the largest Peruvian food processing and consumer goods company in South, Central and North America continues to expand and grow in the region through the purchase of more companies.

The Peruvian food processing giant, which recently purchased Argentina’s The Value Brand Company, announced on Friday the acquisition of yet another company.

Alicorp announced it had purchased Propersa, a Colombian personal products company for $7.4 million.

While the purchase is not as big as its $65 million buy of The Value Brand, Propersa offers the Peruvian company a modern industrial plant in Bogotá.

Specializing in the production of antibacterial gels and soaps along with hair care products, children’s creams as well as creams and fragrances for women, Propersa’s sales in 2007 totaled $6.7 million.

Before the acquisition of the Colombian company, Propersa had been Alicorp’s distribution partner for products such as Glacitas, Xplosión and Wafer Mix, said CEO Leslie Pierce.

He added that the type of products Propersa distributed would fit perfectly into the Peruvian company’s strategy to increase its sale of value added items.

Furthermore, Alicorp will have the chance to distribute more of its products in Colombia through Propersa’s well-established distribution network.

This is Alicorp’s third purchase since it decided to buy Ecuador’s Eskimo ice cream company in 2007.