Peru: Four of downtown Lima’s main roads closed and under construction

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Because of the construction of a bus station and a highway that is to modernize Lima’s public transportation system, the municipality of Lima has closed more streets in the downtown area and further limited access to "El Centro de Lima".

As construction continues on new highways and Lima’s first underground bus station, at 6 a.m. Monday morning, the municipality closed off Lampa and Emancipación streets along with España and Alfonso Ugarte avenues – four of the capital’s main roads.

In preparation for today, last week the municipality tested the detours motorists would be forced to take when driving towards or through downtown Lima.

Alternate routes have been assigned to three of the four roads that were closed today. Motorists that used to take Lampa Street will now have to drive down Carabaya Street.

In the case of Emancipación and Alfonso Ugarte, motorists will have to take Ica Street and Washington Street.

It was reported that since España Avenue was not very long, a detour had not been established. Motorists are free to choose the route that best suits them.

According to Walter Paredes, a construction manager for the municipality, the four roads will be under repair and closed for the next three months.

He added that the highway project would last another ten months.