Peru: La Cantuta students killed by death squad to be buried after 16 years

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Exactly 16 years after a group of students and a professor from La Cantuta University were kidnapped and murdered, loved ones will finally have a chance to bury their family members.

A wake is to be held on Friday July 18 2008 for the eight students and professor that were murdered by the paramilitary death squad known as the Colina Group on July 18 1992.

The burial of these nine victims was made possible after Peruvian judge Inés Villa Bonilla ruled that the remains of the victims could be released from police custody.

After it had been established that forensic tests had concluded, the judge ruled on June 27 that the victims’ remains could be given to family members.

The eight students: Juan Ortiz, Pablo Heráclides, Robert Teodoro, Armando Amaro, Dora Oyague, Felipe Flores, Bertila Lozano and Marcelino Rosales along with Professor Hugo Muñoz, will be buried at El Ángel cemetery on Saturday.

Alberto Fujimori is currently on trial for having allegedly ordered the death squad to murder the eight students and their professor along with a group of people at a barbecue in Barrios Altos.