Peru’s President Garcia: “Big Peruvian investments” in Chile

Peru’s president, Alan García Perez, said that in the next years there will be "big Peruvian investments" in Chile, thanks to the economic growth of Peru, and stressed on coincidences with his Chilean counterpart, Michelle Bachelet, to the point that he said that both presidents reason like "twins".

In the interview published by the magazine Cosas, the Peruvian president said that "while Chile is in a plateau, after have grown 15 years earlier, Peru is in its growth time and will also reach a plateau".

For this reason, he has foreseen that in a few more years, when we count on greater domestic saving, "Peruvians will make big investments in Chile ".

I and my Chilean counterpart, Michelle Bachelet, "we both have intellectual empathy, we think in a similar way. And when we think, we arrive at the same conclusion, we reason like twins" president García stated.

News source: ANDINA