Lima to expand Panamericana Highway from six lanes to eight

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

In an effort to reduce traffic during Peru’s summer season, when a great deal of metropolitan Lima heads south to the beach, the Lima Council has announced the start of a highway augmentation project.

In a construction project that is to cost 30 million soles, Panamericana Sur highway is to be expanded from six lanes of traffic traveling in north and southbound directions to eight.

Armando Molina, an advisor for the Municipality of Lima explained that the highway would be made bigger by decreasing the size of the traffic meridian and using land on both sides of the highway.

It was reported that the project, which began early Friday morning 900 meters from Atocongo Bridge, is not to interfere with traffic and cause congestion.

The first part of the highway that is to be expanded is the northbound stretch from Atocongo Bridge to Benavides Avenue.

Both north and southbound stretches between the bridge and Benavides Avenue should be done before the summer season, said Molina.

He added that by June 2009, the highway will have been increased in size from Benavides Avenue to the racetracks in Surco.