Peru: 3 killed 11 injured in bus accident – 84 deaths in past 11 days

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Peru’s highways continued to be stained with the blood of innocent passengers in what has been labeled as a horrific and unstoppable streak of highway accidents involving tourism buses.

Three people were killed and another twelve were injured in a head-on collision early Friday morning.

A bus belonging to Cruz del Sur Bus Company plowed head on into a truck shipping bananas on the 219th kilometer of Panamericana Norte Highway in the Limean province of Barranca.

It was reported that among those that had to be taken to nearby hospitals was an Australian tourist.

While the exact cause of the accident has not been identified, by the position of the vehicles it is believed that one of the vehicles crossed over into a lane of oncoming traffic in an attempt to pass another motorist.

While the Ministry of Transportation admits that its programs are not getting the job done, statistics show that eighty-four people have died in highway accidents in the past eleven days.

"I don’t think the ministry’s plan has failed, it’s just not enough," said Veronica Zavala, Peru’s minister of transportation.