Peru: Lima woman kills mother with liquid cocaine

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

A teenage woman was arrested early Wednesday morning in the Limean district of Comas after she was held responsible for her mother’s death.

According to police reports, 18-year-old Julia Anda Reynaldo hid liquid cocaine in bottles containing medication her mother was taking to fight cancer.

The young woman hid the cocaine in three bottles containing the natural medicine her mother was taking, said a news program on América Televisión.

It was reported that Julia was expecting a call from her contact to give her the money for her plane tickets and pay her for taking the drug to Italy.

María Reynaldo Rojas, Julia’s mother, never suspected her cancer medicine was mixed with liquid cocaine and took her medication as usual.

She immediately had stomach pains and had to be taken to a hospital, but doctors were unable to save her life.

Autopsy reports showed María had died of a drug overdose.

Julia is currently in police custody and has been charged with drug trafficking. She is also being held responsible for the death of her mother.