Beatriz Merino is the new Ombudsman


Beatriz Merino assumed the Ombudsman position in front of the Congress and thanked to the legislative for the high honour conferred to her.

During her speech, Merino thanked the Congress for the opportunity they gave her to serve the country, which is one of her most important personal aspirations.

She declared that during her management she will defend the constitutional rights of the person and the community, she will approach those that are not represented trying to establish bridges between them and the authorities, she will try to fight bureaucracy, she will try to provide the Peruvians will the basic services, etc…

"I promise to dedicate my work to those who does not have a voice (…) and as responsible of this institution I will work to help the citizens to achieve their rights", emphasized the new Ombudsman.

Beatriz Merino has been Sunat’s Director, congress member, World Bank consultant and chancellor.