Inka Trail will have Serenazgo service


Last Tuesday, 16 tourists were robbed when they camped along the Inka Trail. The thieves carrying guns and knives stole cameras, cash, credit cards and other items from the tourists.
The tourists with their guides and porters camped close to a store, but the thieves had planned the robbery carefully and they tied with a rope the owner of the store, her 8 year old son, the porters and some employees of the INC (National Institute for Culture).
Machu Picchu’s mayor, Oscar Valencia Auca, worried by this attack decided to create a private police corps – Serenazgo- in order to give more security to the people that walk through the Inka Trail. He will use 10% of the cost of the Inka Trail ticket, which is now US$50 for an adult and US$25 for children, to provide vigilance to the trail. He added that there will be more control at the entrance of the trail at km 82.