Peru’s food products could enter Europe through France

France could serve as a gateway for Peruvian food products to the European market, according to studies conducted by the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service and the Foreign Trade Committee (X.com) of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL).

Among the products that will benefit from improved market access are drinks, cold cuts, canned foods, fruits, vegetables and dietary products.

Also, food supplements, marine and dairy products, desserts, frozen products, catering service, poultry meat, wine, food intermediates and organic ingredients.

According to experts, the wide range of opportunities is based on France’s varied patterns of consumption.

"The high consumption capacity and the increased value-added food in France are also characteristics that increase the opportunities for Peruvian food products in this market," the U.S. report highlights.

The food distribution industry in France is quite diversified and sophisticated, and is composed of six types of establishments: hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, food courts and traditional outlets.

Over the past year, these top five categories accounted for 75 percent of sales in the country.

News source: ANDINA