Environment minister: Production of transgenic food in Peru should be controlled

Peru’s environment minister, Antonio Brack said Wednesday that the production of transgenic food in Peru should be controlled with the aim of preserving native species such as the Giant White Corn from Cusco, a product having high demand in international markets.

"We have a great concern in Peru over the corn. We have fifty-five types of corn, including the purple and giant white corn from Urubamba (Cusco), which enjoys considerable success in foreign markets. Transgenics may contaminate our biodiversity", Brack said.

Brack added that the long-term impact of transgenic seeds on Peruvian soil should be studied and although transgenic crops are not banned, they must be regulated as soon as possible.

"This regulation is a matter of discussion at present. Should we use transgenic crops or continue producing organic foods while protecting our rich natural resources”, he wondered.

Transgenic products are those resulting from crops that have been genetically modified.

News source: ANDINA