Experts recommend turning Peru’s Colca Canyon into a national park

A delegation of Polish scientists, led by geologist Andrzej Paulo, recommended turning the Colca Canyon and its nearby area into a national park with the aim of protecting its natural beauty and the richness of the environment.

This team of geologists and other experts have been in southern Peru since 2003 to carry out scientific research and exploration in the Colca Canyon, located 169 Km (100 miles) northwest of Arequipa city.

Based on their experience in the area, the Polish experts said the Peruvian government should declare this area a national park to preserve the unique characteristics of the deepest canyon in the world.

"It has been shown that some parts of the Colca Canyon are over three kilometers deep, which show geological formations that are thousands of years old, hence the need to protect it", Paulo added.

In that sense, Paulo warned about the existence of 98 hotels near the Chiri River, of which only two are concerned about the disposal of their waste.

He suggested not giving permits for the construction of hotels on the edge of the canyon, because this would alter the landscape.

News source: ANDINA