Argentina to return 3,898 archaeological artifacts to Peru

Argentina will return to Peru a total of 3,898 archaeological artifacts of Peruvian origin belonging to Inca and pre-Inca cultures, which are currently housed at the National Institute of Latin American Anthropology and Thinking in Buenos Aires.

This was ordered by Argentine judge Daniel Eduardo Rafecas at the request of a Peruvian Court and as part of the Agreement for Judicial Assistance in Criminal Matters between both countries.

According to the Peruvian embassy in Buenos Aires, these pieces include valuable ceramics, textiles, metal objects from different pre-Hispanic cultures, as well as a colonial picture, all of which were taken out of the country illegally.

These artifacts are part of an 18,000-piece collection of Peruvian cultural heritage that was illegally taken to Argentina, affirmed the Peruvian embassy.

News source: ANDINA