Peru declares National Coffee Day – Yearly per capita consumption 500 grams

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

Affirming that Peru’s coffee was recognized worldwide for its high quality, the Minister of Agriculture Ismael Benavides announced on Friday that the government had declared that Peruvian Coffee Day would be celebrated the fourth Saturday of every August.

According to Benavides, the coffee industry provided over two million Peruvians with jobs.

"This is a decision that fills the coffee industry with pride because it recognizes everyone that is in some way tied to coffee such as producers, industries, exporters, distributors and consumers," said Minister Benavides.

He assured the Ministry of Agriculture would work on promoting the consumption of coffee within the country so Peru did not depend on foreign markets.

Benavides explained 95 percent of the coffee produced in Peru was exported and only the remaining five percent was consumed by the country itself.

Peru’s coffee consumption per capita is 500 grams per year.

Countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil have a per capita consumption of two, four and five kilos per year.