Chicken prices continue to increase in Peru, Experts say not to go down

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

As people in Peru struggle with the increasing cost of staple foods, experts claim the prices of products will not be decreasing any time soon.

Chicken, a highly consumed poultry by Peruvian families, is one of the products that has increased in cost and affected a great deal of the country’s residents.

After observing a 16 percent rise in the price of chicken in July and August alone, businessmen in the poultry industry affirmed on Tuesday that it was difficult to estimate when prices would decrease.

Despite its increasing cost, chicken is still cheaper than beef and pork, assured Jose Vera, the general manager of Redondos, one of Peru’s top chicken producers.

"If one observes market prices, a kilo of pork costs 9.5 soles, when it used to cost 7 soles. Also tripe, which used to be cheapest for homemakers, is now sold up to 11 soles at markets," explained Vera.

According to Pedro Mitma, head of the Peruvian Poultry Growers Association the rise in chicken prices can be attributed to an increase in the cost of corn, which accounts for 80 percent of the cost of a chicken.

Mitma explained that because of global reasons, the cost of corn, which is used to feed chickens, had doubled since October.

During the past three years a gutted chicken cost consumers less than 5 soles per kilo, said Mitma, explaining prices would not drop this low for a long time.

Poultry in the Andean country is currently being sold for as much as 7 soles per kilo.