Europe and North America increase demand for Peru’s organic mango

Exports of this product increased 79.4 percent. Holland, the United States and England were the main end- markets.

The preference for healthy food developed with non-contaminant techniques which protect the environment, is showing a significant international increase.

Peru is not far from this process and is making a big effort to introduce and position an attractive organic supply that fulfills the quality and standards that are demanded by this new market.

One of the Peruvian products that are being impelled is the organic mango, which is showing an interesting growth.

First sales took place in 2003 with non-significant amounts. In the year 2007, exports increased 79.4 percent, jumping from US$ 1.72 million to US$ 3.09 million; reports Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board – PromPerú.

This product is mainly exported to Europe and North America. Holland occupies first place with imports for a value of US$ 1.38 million; it is followed by the United States with US$ 1.13 million and England with US$ 363,017.

Other markets that registered purchases in 2007 were Germany (US$ 94,267); Canada (US$ 55,484); Spain (US$ 35,034) and New Zealand (US$ 22,800).

This product is mainly demanded in presentations like: fresh (47.42%), pulp (32.47%) and chunks (20.11%).

Peru has an array of organic mangoes such as Haden, Kent, Edward, Tommy, Criollo and Chato de Ica. The principal production zones are located in Piura, Lambayeque and Cajamarca.

News source: Peru Organic