Peru authorities allow Jesus Maria residents one dog per apartment

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

According to a municipal ordinance published in Peru’s official gazette El Peruano, residents living in buildings in the Limean district of Jesus Maria will only be allowed to have one dog in their apartment.

The ordinance also states that residents will only be allowed this pet if over fifty percent of the buildings tenants or owners agree.

Nevertheless, residents will only be allowed one dog per apartment.

The purpose of this regulation is to contribute to the responsible ownership of dogs in the district as well as the community’s peace and tranquility, reported Terra News.

Authorities in Jesus Maria are currently attempting to control the number of dogs in the high density suburb.

It was reported that once approved by neighbors, anyone living in an apartment building, condominium or any other place in which neighbors shared a common area, would be allowed to have one dog.

The regulation states that under no circumstances can residents living in these situations have more than one dog.

Fines have been placed as high as 700 soles.

People living in residences that do not share a common area such as detached houses are allowed to have a maximum of two dogs.