101 reasons to be proud of Peru compiled in book

"101 reasons to be proud of Peru" is the title of the book that has gathered the most representative Peruvian icons as an initiative of the news portal Livinginperu.com, and sponsored by Scotiabank.

The list includes topics regarding Peruvian cities, gastronomy, historical and cultural heritage, historical celebrities, natural attractions and traditions.

The publication, which was first printed in Spanish and released on July 7, is a source of valuable information.

It lists the official gazette El Peruano as the oldest Latin American newspaper in circulation.

According to the text, El Peruano was founded in 1825 by Simon Bolivar the Liberator and has been in operation since then.

Carsten Korch, General Manager of Living in Peru and promoter of the initiative, said the book was born as a diffusion document through LIPs web page and aims to highlight those things that make this country and its people great.

News source: ANDINA