Peru: Hurricane Gustav affects 400 Peruvians in New Orleans

About 400 Peruvians residing in New Orleans (the second largest city in the state of Louisiana, USA) have left their homes as a weaker-than-expected Hurricane Gustav swirled into the fishing villages and oil-and-gas towns of Louisiana’s Cajun country Monday, delivering only a glancing blow to New Orleans that did little more than send water sloshing harmlessly over its rebuilt floodwalls.

Peru’s consul in Houston (Texas) Carlos Polo Castañeda explained that Peruvians, as well as Americans and people from other countries, have moved into hotels and friends houses located in safer areas.

“We try to get in contact with Peruvians as much as we can, so they can give us a report of their situation, and in case they are in danger, we can help them”, stated the consul in his statements to RPP news radio.

He also mentioned that New Orleans streets are completely empty. However, there are members of the United Stated Armed Forces to avoid lootings, as it happened after hurricane “Katrina” hit in August 2005.

According to the consul, this hurricane is common for this season. However, the government has taken more precautionary measures, which is why people have been evacuated well in advance.

News source: ANDINA