Peru: Lima to launch Pisco and Wine research centre

Lima’s regional president, Nelson Chui Mejía, announced today the creation of a Pisco and Wine research centre aimed at improving production techniques of these beverages in this jurisdiction.

He said that Lima’s regional government will make an investment to be used by the Technological Institute of Quilmaná, in Cañete (Southern Lima), in order to conduct research in viticulture, pisco and wine production, as well as technological training to pisco and wine producers.

“We will improve production techniques in this region and give the origin denomination to those producers who don’t count on it, making a collaboration effort between the regional government and producers in order to improve production performance and become more competitive.

He also said that there was an agreement with an institution of Ica (Southern coast) to provide training and supervision in techniques of cultivation, as well as in wine and pisco production.

“I think that with a joint effort that involves to the regional government, producers and other entities, we will manage a continuous improvement of wine and pisco production”, stated Chui Mejia.

News source: ANDINA