Peru artisans to export baby clothes and puppets made of Alpaca fiber

Hundreds of textile craftsmen from Puno (city in southern Peru) agreed to sell baby clothing to a Peruvian exporting company and puppets to a Canadian importing company, all made of alpaca fiber, based on the creation of the project “Fortalecimiento del Cluster Artesanal de Puno” (Strengthening the artisan cluster in Puno).

According to Norberto Giurfa Morán, head of the project, during the next six months, the Peruvian company “Innova International Trading” will buy 720,000 soles in clothing.

In addition, a Canadian company will purchase thousands of puppets made of alpaca fiber, which cost around 1 sol each, he told to Andina news agency.

Both artisans and companies agreed on prices during the activities planned for this week, seizing the opportunity of the visit of the Brazilian designer Salvatore Laureano, who works at the Versace fashion house.

Even though Laureano did not show up, transactions were made and deals were established.

He stated that, according to a previous agreement, the designer would take into account the work done by local artisans and their designs for his new collection autumn-winter 2009-2010.

News source: ANDINA