Peru beats Venezuela 1-0 for first win in FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds

Living in Peru
Israel J. Ruiz

With a stronger and more united team that cooperated much more on the field, Peru’s national selection defeated Venezuela 1-0 on Saturday evening at Monumental Stadium in Lima.

An assist from Nolberto Solano gave Piero Alva the perfect chance to score the only goal of the game during the 38th minute of the match and put Peru in a lead that Venezuela was unable to tie.

The Andean country’s team was on the attack from the beginning of the game, taking six shots at the goal by the end of the first half.

Possessing the ball over 60 percent of the game and with constant attacks from player such as Nolberto Solano, Daniel Chávez and Johan Fano, the Peruvian squad won its first qualifier in the World Cup elimination rounds.

After seven grueling rounds, Peru has brought itself out of last place and currently has six points out of a possible twenty-one.

The new team will go up against Olympic champs Argentina on Wednesday September 10.

The match is to be held at the Monumental Stadium once again.