Peru: Arequipa weavers exports alpaca chullos & scarves to the U.S.

With the support of the state-run Sierra Exportadora program, a group of female weavers from the Callalli district in the Caylloma province in Arequipa will export a large number of handmade alpaca chullos, scarves and Andean dolls next month.

Aníbal Vásquez Chicata, Sierra Exportadora’s local director, explained that the shipment including 2,000 chullos, 2,000 scarves and 500 Andean dolls would be sent to the United States by late October.

These women weavers work at a textile factory called "Maquicentro of Callalli" which was opened last year with the aim of supporting women in the district of Callalli to start their own businesses and generate an income.

The Maquicentro was equipped with the support of Sierra Exportadora, a government program that helps people from Peru’s highlands export and take advantage of national products.

This will be the third shipment of handmade alpaca products this year. The first two were shipped to Austria.

News source: ANDINA