Peru: 7.5 million Peruvians depend on export sector

The Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) said the country’s export sector has become the most important source of employment during the 2000 – 2007 period and noted that at present more than 7.5 million Peruvians depend on this sector.

According to the Exports and Economic Growth study conducted by Adex, the growth of the non-traditional export sector was crucial for employment generation throughout the country.

Adex president José Luis Silva said the number of job opportunities created by the non-traditional export sector had grown at the same pace as real exports, which shows the significant contribution made by export trading companies when they trust the country.

He explained that during this eight-year period, non-traditional exports created 61 jobs for every million dollars in real exports and for each job in the non-traditional sector, 0.85 jobs were created in production-related activities.

In this regard, he assured that when real exports increase by one percent, employment grows by 1.14 percent.

News source: ANDINA